Becky Kleanthous

I'm a writer for hire, specialising in fast, fun and fastidious writing.  Whether it's a ghostwritten memoir, a search engine optimised website for a business, or an engaging blog post, I love to write.  (Unfortunately, the one thing I hate to write is the 'about' section for my own profile!  I'm sure I'm not alone in this 🙂)


My specialism is education; I've been a qualified teacher for 10 years, and I hold a Master's degree in Education, which was awarded with distinction.  But I don't let that constrain my writing: all subjects are up for grabs, and I've written on topics relating to every little colourful 'cheese' of the Trivial Pursuit wheel!


I also have a Bachelor's degree in English Language from the University of Sussex, and an English Literature and Creative Writing degree awarded with first class honours from the Open University.

Edinburgh has been my family's home since leaving Brighton five years ago, and we love it here. There are so many inspirational women in this city, and I look forward to getting to know even more of them!

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Becky Kleanthous