Carmen Maria Munoz Garcia

LinkedIn: ☼ Online Marketing is my field of expertise based on my working years in ★Microsoft HQ (Redmond) and Spain, ★Yahoo, ★Lycos and ★The Shop Network. ►In the last 15 years I had the chance to develop digital communication plans for many clients like ►General Motors, ►L’Oréal, ►Nivea, ►Ford or ►Telefónica. ☼ I would say that my strengths are ►project management and ►helping others. Two people helped me strengthen these traits during my career. ★Antonio Más, founder of The Shop Network, instilled in me the entrepreneurial spirit and the art of leading teams from behind. ★Rosa García, CEO at Microsoft, was a true role model for me on collaboration and helping others. During my time at Microsoft I teached courses on ►online child protection and got very much involved in Microsoft’s aid projects in ►Nepal and ►India. On a personal level I volunteered and specialized in ►palliative care at the ►Saint John of God Hospitals. ☼ During 2010 I drove to the Vatican City to present a project aimed at raising awareness about key projects of the Saint of God Hospitals, which took me and my partner to India, South Korea, India, Vietnam and The Philippines ( ☼ Becoming a mother in 2013 obviously changed my life and career, and needed to dedicate all my energy to my family away from the corporate world. During those days I got to know many ★women who had much to offer but had not taken the step to fully embrace the power of the Internet ★to grow their business. By that time we had moved to Mexico, where I started ★InPremierePerson★, a company to provide ►online courses for entrepreneurs. Now that we are back in Europe and my two kids go to school, I have started ★UntapVideo★, a company that produces ►short online videos “with a twist” for ★entrepreneurs, small and medium business★.

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